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Privacy Policy

At CasaNook, we are committed to protecting your privacy and providing you with information on how we process your personal data. That's why we have created this Privacy Statement so that you can understand and exercise your rights under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What information do we collect?

A) During your stay at Casa Nook:

  • Contact information (such as last name, first name, phone number, email)

  • Personal information (such as date of birth, nationality, passport number, address)

  • Credit card number or other payment method information (for the purpose of booking transactions or card validation to secure reservations)

  • Arrival and departure dates

B) When accessing for booking and/or check-in purposes:

  • Name

  • Birth date

  • City of birth

  • City of residence

  • Email

  • Telephone

  • ID/passport number

  • ID/passport picture

When is your personal data collected?

A) Activities within the establishment:

  • Booking a room

  • Check-in and payment

  • Requests, complaints, and/or disputes

  • Participation in CasaNook activities

  • Participation in marketing programs or events

  • Customer feedback

  • Transmission of third-party information (such as tour operators, travel agencies, etc.)

  • Internet activities:

    • Connection to (IP address, cookies)

    • Online forms (such as online bookings or questions)

We collect your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Fulfilling our obligations to our customers

  • Managing room reservations and accommodation requests

  • Managing your stay at CasaNook

  • Improving the services of CasaNook

  • Staying in touch during and after your stay

  • Complying with local legislation (such as document storage)

Data Storage
We will only retain your personal data for the period necessary to achieve the purposes outlined in this Privacy Statement or as required by applicable law.

Access and Modification Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to:

  • Access your personal data by making a subject access request

  • Correct, delete, or restrict your information when justified

  • Oppose the processing of your information when appropriate

  • Request data portability

We may make changes to this Privacy Statement from time to time.

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