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<img src="casanook-logo.jpg" alt="Casa Nook Logo - A stylized representation of our brand, combining modern elements with natural motifs, reflecting our commitment to comfort and harmony in hospitality.">



<img src="casanook-sagres.jpg" alt="Casa Nook Sagres - Exterior view of the property with a charming blend of modern architecture and natural surroundings">

casa nook



Nook (noun) \ ˈnu̇k  \
A corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security


A thriving network of properties, offering modern hospitality with digital check-in, high-speed WiFi, and complimentary breakfast services. Our unique accommodations cater to remote workers, surfers, families, and couples. Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of like-minded guests and discover the perfect destination for your next unforgettable getaway.



<img src="iphone-checkin-icon.jpg" alt="iPhone Icon with Check-in Text Box - Representing Casa Nook's convenient online self-check-in feature for a seamless and hassle-free arrival experience.">

Saving time and streamlining the check-in process. Checking in has never been so easy.



<img src="fast-wifi-icon.jpg" alt="Laptop Icon with Connectivity Symbol - Illustrating Casa Nook's high-speed WiFi, providing guests with fast and reliable internet connectivity during their stay.">

High-speed internet has revolutionized the way we work, making it faster, more efficient, and more productive than ever before.

coworking space

<img src="coworking-space.jpg" alt="Two Text Boxes with Headset Icon - Illustrating Casa Nook's coworking space, a collaborative environment with modern amenities and dedicated workspaces for remote professionals.">

Harmonious living space that reflects the unique personality and lifestyle of Casa Nook.

morning breakfast

<img src="breakfast-icon.jpg" alt="Three Lamps Icon - Representing Casa Nook's complimentary breakfast services, offering a warm and delightful start to your day.">

Experience a breakfast buffet with coffee, tea, fruits, cheeses, cold meats, jams, cereals, cakes, yogurt, and a DIY eggs and bacon station – all included!

Long term stays

10% off | 7+ nights

20% off | 14+ nights

30% off | 30+ nights 

Team Retreats

Plan your next team retreat at one of Casa Nook's location

Remote Work

Plan your next team retreat at one of Casa Nook's location

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